The Social Organization and Its Representative in the Polish Criminal Proceedings

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The author analyses the participation of social (non-government) organizations in criminal court proceedings in Poland. Acting through their representatives who take part directly in the criminal trial, such organizations implement the principle of citizen’s participation in the judiciary system as the factor controlling compliance with the law and as one of the guarantees of the court’s impartiality. It is the task of a social organization to protect the public interest (common goods) as well as the interests of particular citizens the have been harmed through a criminal act. Each social organization participates in criminal proceedings within its registered scope of activity, acting as an advisor and providing information and opinions free of charte with respect to the cases under examination. When giving its legal opinions, the social organization is treated as the friend of the court (amicus curiae).

The book presents the current legal status with respect to regulations on the activities of the social organization and its representative in criminal proceedings.

The publication is directed to legal experts and representatives of social organizations.


Mariusz Jakubik is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. He specializes in the law of criminal proceedings.

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